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Alessandro Serpico: the story of the creative artist

Fragrance is not a perfume but a state of mind

Master perfumer Alessandro Serpico a creative nose of high quality fragrances. An international dancer now produces a line of handcrafted perfumes using flowers and natural fragrances.

The magic of a complete artist transforms places, memories and visions into magical fragrances.

“Every thing, place, object and person has a certain smell, even if it is barely perceptible. What happens in that place, with that person will determine a good or bad memory and will have its own smell and olfactory memory that corresponds to that experience which can be good, bad, frightening, romantic, melancholic, seductive, erotic, etc. etc.
It will stay with you for life.

By creating a perfume I try to recall my most beautiful experiences and then convey them to you in a fragrance and if they match your most beautiful olfactory memories the fragrance will be successful.
Sometimes it happens that only I like one of my creations for a few years, then slowly by magic someone else begins to like it and slowly it conquers the general public.

 Ultimately, I create a new fragrance together with you and inspired by you, recalling first in me and then in you those dreams, those joys of my and your past experiences.
Thus a new fragrance is born.”


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